Holiday jobs in Thailand

  • Functie: Hospitality
  • Locatie: Bangkok, Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand), and Phuket / Samui Islands (Southern Thailand), Thailand
  • Periode: Minimaal 180 dagen in de periode van 1 juli 2015 t/m 31 december 2015.
  • Nationaliteit: Geen voorkeur
  • Bruto maand salaris: Onbekend
  • Minimum leeftijd: 18 jaar
  • Accommodatie: Onbekend
  • Categorie: Overig
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Over de vacature

Our program in Thailand is a perfect combination for a student that wants to gain hospitality experience while enjoying working in a high quality resort in Thailand.

We arrange for 3, 6, 9, and 12-­‐month entry-­‐level, Hospitality, Hotel Operations and Culinary Arts internships, under the non-­‐immigrant ED visa, as well as 12 to 18-­‐month Management Training Programs under, the non-­‐immigrant B visa, to Thailand. Our placement service secures a Paid placement within the Hospitality Industry in Thailand. We work directly with many Travel Agencies, 5 star Hotels, Resorts, Luxury restaurants and other businesses of the industry, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand), and Phuket/Samui Islands (Southern Thailand). Our participants will receive a training / internship certificate that will help them to start a career anywhere in the world with the experience acquired previously.

What we provide you:

- Guaranteed Paid Internship hospitality placement in a resort of high quality hotel in Thailand 4* or 5*
- Visa application service
- Housing support, accommodation will be provided by a local organization and paid by the hotel.
- Assistance with resume preparation, preparation of required application forms and personal documents
- Reviewing applicants application to confirm applicant’s eligibility
- 1-on-1 support through the application process, interview and on-boarding process;
- Assistance with arranging travel insurance with AIG;
- International Accident and Health Insurance Protection with AIG (+/- 150USD for a 6-month protection)
- International Flight going to Thailand (1 way)


Remuneration, 300 $ US dollars per month
Accommodation, expenses covered.

Fees of the program:

Deposit fee: 500 €
Upon acceptance in the program by THE COMPANY (upon one meeting the program eligibility requirements) and before initiating placement procedure with Thai Host Company.

Confirmation fee: 2000 €

Placement Confirmation and Full Program Fees (up to 12-month program)

Visa Fee, Accident/Travel Insurance coverage and 1-way air fare to Thailand

- Upon passing interview and being accepted by a Host Company (when receiving a program offer letter in writing);

- Payment deadline is seven (7) days after receiving an offer in writing;

Total: 2500 € (euros)

If you are interested, click apply now and we will provide you any information you could need!


Minimaal 180 dagen in de periode van 1 juli 2015 t/m 31 december 2015.

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